Monday, 1 March 2010

Have you been waiting for the drumroll?

I have to admit that events overtook me and making the little books took longer than I expected.  However, if you wait for the drumroll to finish ........... I would like to announce that the winners are ......



Congratulations, your books will be posted to you later this week when I have heard from you both.

Above you can see some of the books that are going out this week, I have more to make for special orders.  Here are two that may or may not be going to special bbest friends, Zuda and Pam. (It may be a surprise for them too....)


I would also like to announce a new online course.  'Little Bookies Part 1' will  include books similar to those illustrated here, but there will be others too.  It will run over 3 sessions, and will be great fun.  I know that they are very seductive, so be prepared to become 'besotted' with making tiny books!  You can find out more here.

Friday, 12 February 2010

February/March Thread of the Month

Once again I'm tardy, but this time it was mainly due to my computer problems.  Here at last is the new Thread of the Month.  This collection will run until the end of March, unless it sells out, of course.  It is listed in the sidebar, but I have also listed it on my personal website so that it can be  added to a shopping cart if you require more than one item.  This collection is once again the fine perle and is for cut lengths in five different colours.  The price includes postage. 

We are in the process of revamping our websites.  Soon both Winifred Cottage and Sassa Lynne will have shopping carts so purchases will be able to be made immediately.  There are a few items for sale on the above personal website in the meantime - including the first DVD, and as from today you can also pre-order Level 2 which will be out before Easter.

Is anyone coming to Textiles in Focus next week?  From Friday until Sunday we will be at Cottenham Community College near Cambridge.  If you would like further information just let me know.  

Also, if you missed Talking Threads the first time around it is now being repeated.  Watch it at 6pm each Wednesday on Sky channel 171.  It is also available on the internet, again, if you need more information or the link either leave a comment or email.

Monday, 1 February 2010

One World One Heart


You may already have joined in the fun on my other blog.   I have to say that I didn't expect such a lovely response, so I've decided to add to the fun and present another offering here.  Once again it will be for two tiny handmade books, but these will be different to the others, AND ARE NOT YET MADE!  If I have enough time I will actually make three, but at the moment the offer is for TWO PRIZES.  

So, what will they look like?  Here is one I made a while ago to give you an idea:


Yours may not have the gold netting, but who knows, it may!  As with the others the cover will be hand coloured paper with decorations of some sort.  Here's another view:
So, if you would like to enter - you know what to do!  Leave a comment below before midnight 14th February 2010 UK time.  It's open to everyone that reads my blog.  Feel free to leave your link if you are also offering something in OWOH,  and if you entered the other one you can enter here too, because you won't automatically be entered into this one too. Don't forget, I need to be able to get in touch with you - so I must have some sort of contact details, either via blogger or email etc. It doesn't matter where you live you are eligible to enter - but be prepared to pay any taxes that may be applicable in your part of the world

Don't forget, there are lots of people taking part in this wonderful magic carpet ride, so why not whizz over and take a look at the rest of the gifts on offer too.  You'll find the list in the sidebar.

Enjoy the ride.....

Monday, 14 December 2009

And now for something completely different

You're the first to know! Here is the first picture of my new DVD on the Embellisher Machine (otherwise known as Machine Needle Felting). Hot off the press they arrived a little while ago.

This is the first in a new series and is full of hints and tips to get everyone going. It includes a series of demonstrations of some simple techniques which will set you well on your way to using your machine efficiently including a safe way to change your needles. It will be shortly listed on my website where you will also be able to buy a pack of fibres etc to use with the DVD

Thursday, 19 November 2009

Thread of the Month for November/December

The end of the year is fast approaching and so I have decided that this thread collection will be the last for this year. As a special bonus, and by way of saying thankyou to those of you that purchase regularly, this collection will come with a suprise bonus. That will be a secret until you receive it in the post.

This month the colours are another useful collection, in fact as I was preparing them I realised that they will go perfectly with something that I was planning, so if there are any left they certainly won't go to waste. As usual you can purchase them via the link in the sidebar. From this month they will also be available from my personal website where you will also shortly be able to find details of a series of DVD's on the Embellisher.

Don't forget to watch Talking Threads on November 25th! Guess who will be featured? If you aren't in the UK or not around at the appropriate time you can still catch it here.

If you are near Aldershot next week you will have the opportunity to 'meet the artists'. Fay Maxwell and I will be at Studio Fay and Kay between 10 and 4 on 25th, 26th and 27th. Further details on my website.

Happy Stitching!

Friday, 16 October 2009

New threads

I've just listed several new items on Etsy.  You may like to take a look, but for a preview you can find them here by scrolling down through the entries for today.  However, some of them are new additions to the range, so I thought I'd tell you about them here.

The first one I'll mention is in fact an old favourite!  Stranded cotton has been loved by stitchers for years.  It is a very versatile thread as it can be separated into separate strands and used for many  stitching techniques.  Most popularly used for cross stitch it is also loved by crazy quilters and embroiderers too.  This is the first of several that will be listed over the next while, and it will become a regular part of the Sassa Lynne at Etsy stock.

this pretty mix of Coral, Pink, Apricot, and palest Green would lend itself to flowers or countryside, but I can see other uses for it too.

This fine soft cotton is a yarn you may not have seen before.  It is a smooth yarn, and stitches well.  Once again, it will now be a regular listing and over the next week several more will make an appearance. 

It may be too thick for stitching through very fine fabrics, but would be lovely couched onto the surface.  Stitches like Bokhara Couching are also very effective when a thread like this is used.

I love using Perle yarn.  Our fine and medium perle are very popular, and so too is out Perle 3.  This is usually only available to personal shoppers, but slowly it too will be added to the Etsy inventory.

 This lovely purple mix is the first to be listed.  You can read more about it here

.How many of you hate stitching with rayon?  This is a comment that I hear all the time when we are at shows, but it is one of the most effective fibres for stitching if you know how to handle it.  If you look herethis pic you will find another new thread, this time a stranded rayon. 

 This picture doesn't do it justice. It has a shine that surpasses all, and, because it is stranded can be used for so many applications.  Not going to consider it?  Read the description on the listing and you will find out how you can so easily make it your favourite thread!

Another thread that is very popular with personal callers is our Metallic Perle.  I can't tell you how easy it is to stitch with this yarn.  It is usually only available online with our three thread selections but it will now also be listed as an individual thread.

This one is listed here, watch out for more colours.

There will be a few more new things shortly, but the last I'll point you to is this selection of threads.  Our mixed thread selections are very popular, but sometimes a shorter length is needed, so these mixes are for approximately 2m of each yarn.