Friday, 27 February 2009

New Knitting Yarn

Summer is on its way. One of the best knitting yarns for the heat is 100% cotton, and we have just introduced such a yarn. The first one is listed on Etsy and you can find it here
This is a beautiful soft colourway, and is, of course, machine washable. It is a double-knitting yarn/sports weight.
I have listed a number of other items on Etsy today. You can either see them on the site or on the listing blog. If you are looking at the latter you will find that each listing has its own entry, so you will need to keep scrolling down to see all those listed today.

The thread of the month is now sold out. Watch out for a new on next month.

Wednesday, 18 February 2009

Textiles in Focus/Unravel

It is rare to find specialist stitching events happening on the same weekend, however this coming weekend is one of the exceptions. 

Early tomorrow morning will see us travelling northwards toward Cambridge.  We will be heading off to Textiles in Focus, a three day show that has become the high spot of the early year as far as textiles are concerned.  When we visited the first event no-one had any idea that it would become such an eagerly awaited event for so many people.  There is always a lot to see and much with which to get involved so very good value for money.  You can read about past events here.  We will be well stocked with hand-dyed goodies, with some new colours around, and also some new items making their first appearance at the show.  Our other stock will be there too, and you will find us on the Winifred Cottage stand. 

However, visiting Textiles in Focus has meant that we won't be able to attend Unravel.  A new Festival of Knitting, Unravel promises to be equally exciting, and I happen to know that people are travelling from as far away as deepest Europe, just to  find out what's going on.  This too will become an annual event and hopefully the dates won't clash next year.  If you are visiting the show do pop along to the InterKnit Cafe.  You will find a wonderful selection of yarns, and, making their debut, several yarns from Sassa Lynne.  If they aren't immediately obvious please ask to see them as there are some lovley new colours and special yarns there for your delight. 

Wherever you are going this weekend have a really good time, and maybe you'd like to leave a comment below and let us know what you thought.

Wednesday, 11 February 2009

February Thread of the Month

It's here. The Thread of the Month is now ready to buy. Strictly limited numbers and available in the sidebar.

You can choose between either the Perle Fine, the Perle Medium or one of each. There is a slight reduction for buying one of each. No extra charges, postage worldwide is included.

Reds, Gold, Blue, Lilac, splashes of other colours - what more could you want? Don't forget, these are only available until 28th February and only available here.

Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Jumbo Perle Fine

I thought it was time to tell you about the finest thread in our range. Soft and silky, this mercerised cotton yarn is a dream to use and is currently only available in the Jumbo size. It slides through fabric like butter, either by hand or machine.

This is actually a closeup of the yarn and illustrates beautifully the 'pearl' effect that is a character of this yarn. This particular colourway is currently for sale at Etsy. Each hank has approximately 240 metres.

This beautiful yellow combination is also available at Etsy. It is listed here, and as one of our Serendipity range is a 'one off'.

Apart from stitching Perle Fine would also make an interesting 'knitting in' yarn combined with a heavier thread, or use it as it is for lace or crochet. It is roughly equivalent to a Perle 8. I have also discovered that it is a dream to use in the needle of a sewing machine. You will need a Topstitch 100 needle, and if you want instructions when you purchase just ask and I'll enclose a leaflet. It is really simple and there is no laborious hand-winding onto a bobbin.
The good news is that the Thread of the Month is almost ready. The first one will be unveiled tomorrow. In VERY limited quantities it will also only be available until 28th February.

Monday, 9 February 2009

New listings

It will be a slow process, as I have dyeing and other things to do, however I have begun to list some more items in the Etsy shop.  I certainly hope to have the stock up to 40 by the end of tomorrow, and maybe more by the end of the week. Part of the problem is the weather today.  It is very dull and grey making it difficult to take photographs. 

As for the Thread of the Month.  That will make an appearance here very soon, so keep your eyes open!

Don't forget, you can also keep updated with new listings by following either this blog or the one found here

Saturday, 7 February 2009

Coming Soon

Some colours in the Serenditpity range are definitely unrepeatable. They are the result of several dye processes followed by an overdye. The processes bring out the most amazing colours, and they are especially beautiful on the Jumbo Perle. Normally these are only available to customers at our stand, but I have decided to showcase some of the here and make them available for sale in a link in the sidebar. These will be in very restricted numbers and once they have gone there will be no more. Sometimes they will be bright and cheerful, at other times they will be moody and sultry, so it will be worth keeping your eyes open! Before long they could be winging their way to you from the UK.
I may introduce other yarns this way too, so,watch out for the Thread of the Month!

Friday, 6 February 2009

Just a few samples

Just some samples that are hanging around!
Thought it might give you a little insight......

Tuesday, 3 February 2009


I try to update the stock on Etsy at least once a week, often on a Friday, but in reality - whenever I have time.  I also try to list the new items here.  If you want to be the first to know it's a good idea to follow that blog either by clicking on the link or through your favourite feed.

Monday, 2 February 2009

Perle 5

One of the first yarns we introduced was perle 5. Initially it was only in small skeins, but over the years the range has grown. We only use the highest quality mercerised cotton, and this thread is no exception.
This picture shows three of the small skeins from our Serendipity range twisted together. You can see the wonderful sheen that is apparent. Imagine this incorporated into your stitching or knitting. Each of these skeins is 20 metres before dyeing
Jumbo Perle is probably one of our most popular lines. The 'Jumbo' refers to the size of the skein, not the weight of the yarn. Weighing 25g each skein has 120 metres before dyeing, and is available in a wide range of colour combinations. This picture shows the Poppy colourway

We have two colour ranges:
1 The named range which is available from our website and very popular. This often means that they are dyed to order, so a short wait is sometimes inevitable. There are currently 42 colour combinations available.
2 Our Serendipity range. Serendipity means 'the result of a happy accident' and that exactly describes this range! Although similar colours and combinations can be found this is definitely an unrepeatable collection. Grab it while it is there because it won't be repeated. You can find this range on our stand whenever we are out to sell, and also in our Etsy shop.
The other thread that falls into the category of perle 5 is a beautiful Metallic Perle. Once again it is mercerised cotton, but this time there is also a fine metallic thread twisted in with the cotton. These are included in our thread packs and once again you can view the colours in the named range on the website. Serendipity collections are also sometimes available on Etsy.
Here you can see some thread packs ready for sale. Top left is Delphinium and top right is Lemon Tart. The others are Serendipity. You can see the metallic perle nestling between the other threads.

What can you use them for ? Embroidery, knitting, tassels, crochet, mixed media work, crazy patchwork, quilting...... Lots of other uses, what can you come up with....?