Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Jumbo Perle Fine

I thought it was time to tell you about the finest thread in our range. Soft and silky, this mercerised cotton yarn is a dream to use and is currently only available in the Jumbo size. It slides through fabric like butter, either by hand or machine.

This is actually a closeup of the yarn and illustrates beautifully the 'pearl' effect that is a character of this yarn. This particular colourway is currently for sale at Etsy. Each hank has approximately 240 metres.

This beautiful yellow combination is also available at Etsy. It is listed here, and as one of our Serendipity range is a 'one off'.

Apart from stitching Perle Fine would also make an interesting 'knitting in' yarn combined with a heavier thread, or use it as it is for lace or crochet. It is roughly equivalent to a Perle 8. I have also discovered that it is a dream to use in the needle of a sewing machine. You will need a Topstitch 100 needle, and if you want instructions when you purchase just ask and I'll enclose a leaflet. It is really simple and there is no laborious hand-winding onto a bobbin.
The good news is that the Thread of the Month is almost ready. The first one will be unveiled tomorrow. In VERY limited quantities it will also only be available until 28th February.

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