Wednesday, 18 February 2009

Textiles in Focus/Unravel

It is rare to find specialist stitching events happening on the same weekend, however this coming weekend is one of the exceptions. 

Early tomorrow morning will see us travelling northwards toward Cambridge.  We will be heading off to Textiles in Focus, a three day show that has become the high spot of the early year as far as textiles are concerned.  When we visited the first event no-one had any idea that it would become such an eagerly awaited event for so many people.  There is always a lot to see and much with which to get involved so very good value for money.  You can read about past events here.  We will be well stocked with hand-dyed goodies, with some new colours around, and also some new items making their first appearance at the show.  Our other stock will be there too, and you will find us on the Winifred Cottage stand. 

However, visiting Textiles in Focus has meant that we won't be able to attend Unravel.  A new Festival of Knitting, Unravel promises to be equally exciting, and I happen to know that people are travelling from as far away as deepest Europe, just to  find out what's going on.  This too will become an annual event and hopefully the dates won't clash next year.  If you are visiting the show do pop along to the InterKnit Cafe.  You will find a wonderful selection of yarns, and, making their debut, several yarns from Sassa Lynne.  If they aren't immediately obvious please ask to see them as there are some lovley new colours and special yarns there for your delight. 

Wherever you are going this weekend have a really good time, and maybe you'd like to leave a comment below and let us know what you thought.

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  1. Wow, can't wait to hear about how Textiles in Focus goes for you! Looks like a great show and lots of fun. I hope you have fabulous sales as well!