Monday, 1 March 2010

Have you been waiting for the drumroll?

I have to admit that events overtook me and making the little books took longer than I expected.  However, if you wait for the drumroll to finish ........... I would like to announce that the winners are ......



Congratulations, your books will be posted to you later this week when I have heard from you both.

Above you can see some of the books that are going out this week, I have more to make for special orders.  Here are two that may or may not be going to special bbest friends, Zuda and Pam. (It may be a surprise for them too....)


I would also like to announce a new online course.  'Little Bookies Part 1' will  include books similar to those illustrated here, but there will be others too.  It will run over 3 sessions, and will be great fun.  I know that they are very seductive, so be prepared to become 'besotted' with making tiny books!  You can find out more here.

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  1. ohh they are beautiful I am so honored and I can't wait to see mine. Bless you.